Robin Chase on Workforce Magazine

June 9, 2015


You could say Robin Chase helped invent the sharing economy. Close to a decade before the arrival of Airbnb Inc. and Uber, Chase, MIT Sloan School of Management alumni, co-founded Zipcar Inc., the car-sharing service that lets people pay by the hour to rent a car. In the early days, the choices were limited to a Volkswagen Beetle, Golf or Passat. Today, there are many options.

Chase and a partner launched the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company in 2000, and she helped build the business for three years before leaving. Since then, she has helped start three other transportation-sharing ventures. As a result, she has been lauded as a design and sustainability innovator, and served on national and international transportation commissions and boards. In 2009, she landed on Time magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People. The online version of her 2012 TED Talk, “Excuse Me, May I Rent Your Car?” has more than 750,000 views. Read the full profile feature on

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