Bailey: 1st female Apple executive to appear onstage at WWDC

June 26, 2015


Jennifer Bailey presented updates to Apple’s payment system at its developers conference Monday, becoming the company’s first female executive ever to grace the stage at the conference. Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay, received her business degree from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. She joined Apple in 2003, spending 11 years leading the company’s global online stores before turning her attention to Apple Pay last year.

Bailey’s appearance on the historically all-male stage of the annual conference was a big deal for the company, in part because it marked a shift in the lineup of Apple executives unveiling new Apple products, and in part because of CEO Tim Cook’s pro-diversity comments ahead of Monday’s event. “It’s the future of our company,” Cook told Mashable during a dinner for its scholarship recipients on Sunday. Read the entire article at Fortune.

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