Wang: Chief Science Officer for Pong Research on Cell Phone Radiation

April 23, 2015

cell phone radiation expert

Dr. Rong Wang, former MIT Hugh Hampton Young Fellow, leads the Pong scientific team and has been involved since its inception. Dr. Wang is responsible for the scientific integrity of Pong’s published content and serves as lead technical/scientific writer and media representative on scientific matters. She also participates in product research and development and helps identify and qualify new technologies and applications complementary to Pong. She is the resident expert on the biological and health effects of cell phone radiation and the ongoing studies surrounding this subject. Dr. Wang’s unique and solid training in both engineering and health disciplines from MIT and Harvard empowered her to work with a team of colleagues to develop the early prototypes for Pong’s internationally patented coupling antenna technology. A link to her most influential posts and research can be found in the full article at

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