MIT Sloan OpsSimCom 2015 Apr. 2-5

April 2, 2015

Fancy playing an online simulation against teams from around the world for a prize pool of $6,000? How would it feel to virtually manage a factory: make investments, cut costs, borrow money, forecast demand, find bottlenecks, fulfill orders and satisfy customers? Head down to MIT Sloan’s 11th Annual Operations Simulation Competition (OpsSimCom 2015) from April 2nd to 5th! The competition will use a specially designed Littlefield simulation, and no prior experience with the simulation is required. There is a limit of up to 4 students per team, and no help can be taken from professors or others outside of the team. For more information, please go to 2015 OpsSimCom Website. Photo by Vitor Pamplona.

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