Interviewing While LGBTQ

April 24, 2015

“I never hid my sexual orientation on my application materials, yet neither did I state it directly. I left it to search committees to infer. Over the years, I have spoken to LGBTQ colleagues who took a variety of approaches on the academic job market. Some chose to be even more direct than I was, mentioning their sexual orientation and their partners in their cover letters and during interviews. Others chose to be discreet — and discrete — presenting a professional self neatly divorced from the personal. They had both a regular CV that listed everything about them, and a “closeted” CV on which all references to anything remotely LGBTQ-oriented (conferences, workshops, courses, publications) were scrubbed from the professional narrative.

Being LGBTQ on the academic market was a far more sensitive issue 10 years ago, yet it remains dicey for candidates in large swaths of the country. To help other LGBTQ people struggling through the interview process, I’d like to offer the following tips.” To check out what tips writer Richard D. Reitsma has to offer to increase your performance in the job market, continue reading at the Chronicle of Higher Education. Photo by nwlynch

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