Women in STEM Mar. 17

March 16, 2015

The MIT Global Education and Career Development office has put together a seminar aimed to help women succeed in STEM fields. The U.S. Department of Commerce states women represent approximately 25% of workers in STEM and make 14% less than when men in the same field earn. Moreover, women experience unique challenges that differ from their male counterparts, such as, lacking mentorship or a work/family life balance.  At this seminar, learn how panelists Arlis Reynonds (Senior Associate for Cadmus), Ann Marie Faust (Investigator for Novarits), Angela Bassa (Data Scientist for Enernoc), and Kathleen Mahoney (Site Reliability Engineer for Google) succeeded in their disciplines and hear what special issues you will need to consider as a woman in STEM. The seminar will take place on Tuesday, March 17, in 4-231. If interested, be sure to register at CareerBridge. Photo by RDECOM

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