When Raghuram Rajan needed to pull up his socks

March 3, 2015

If you had dropped in at Asilo, the rooftop restaurant at Mumbai’s Palladium Hotel, on Wednesday evening, you would have thought that the eager, smartly-dressed crowd of 20-something professionals were waiting for a celebrity. Yes, they were indeed waiting for one, but of the bureaucratic kind — RBI governor Dr. Raghuram Rajan (MIT Sloan School of Management PH.D. recipient in 1991). Rajan was a guest speaker at an event organized by Green Batti Project, where young professionals mentor children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Rajan said that while it’s important to cultivate entrepreneurs, there is also a need for sound mentors. Admiring the work the initiative was doing, Rajan spoke about an incident in his own life where he missed having a mentor. As a student in IIT, he had gone for a Rhodes scholarship interview, “where everybody’s ‘propah'”. He hadn’t given much thought to his clothes and went for the interview wearing white socks with a black suit. “I didn’t realize wearing mismatched socks was inappropriate for this kind of interview. Read more about Rajan’s address to these young professionals at The Economic Times. Photo by World Economic Forum 

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