Jackson plans for cleaner landfills

March 20, 2015

All over the world, landfills overflow with garbage, leaching untreated toxins into the environment. MIT Sloan student Tristan Jackson’s ambition is to neutralize much of that waste—and generate renewable energy—through his startup, Kanoot. “Most of the landfills in the developing world receive and store waste, but do not process or eliminate it,” said Jackson, MBA ’15. Kanoot sells a mix of microbes capable of digesting organic toxins and producing useful outputs, such as methane fuel.

While still in the early stages of development, the company is in negotiations with a landfill in Panama to use Kanoot’s technology to boost methane production for a planned 8.1 megawatt gas-fired electrical generator. “Kanoot microbes can boost methane production between 20 percent and 300 percent depending on the exact composition of the waste,” Jackson said. “This project will stop millions of gallons of toxic sludge from contaminating the surrounding area, greatly reduce atmospheric methane emissions, and produce megawatts of renewable energy.” Read more about Jackson’s startup, Kanoot, on the MIT Sloan School of Management Newsroom.

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