Daily teaches computer science to kids through dance

February 12, 2015

Shaundra Daily, a PhD alumna of MIT’s Media Lab in the department of Media Arts and Sciences, brings computer science education to younger generations through active hobbies:

“Sign your kids up for dance class, STAT. That is, if you want them to learn computer skills and survive the 21st century. Researchers at Clemson University are helping young girls learn computational skills through dance, in a surprising new attempt to fix the gender gap in computer science. And it’s quite a gap: 17 percent of Google’s technical workforce is female; Facebook’s even worse — only 15 percent of technical workers are women. The disparity starts early. Of the students who took the Advanced Placement computer science exam in 2013, only 23 percent were female, according to the College Board.

Clemson’s method: Teach programming concepts by paralleling them with dance moves. Assistant professor of computing Shaundra Daily — a dancer herself — is working with colleagues in dance education and computer science; she says students get used to scientific concepts by actually moving and playing with their bodies.” Continue reading on USA Today.

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