Schroedel playing an active role in studying voter suppression of Native Americans

December 18, 2014


Like African Americans and women before them, Native Americans are effectively being denied the ability to vote. The issue is national in scope, affecting tribes in Montana, South Dakota, New Mexico, Alaska, and other states. For many tribes, the civic duties of registering to vote and casting a ballot have become profoundly problematic tasks impeded by the obstacles of distance, race, and poverty. But a team of CGU researchers—led by Jean Schroedel, former MIT alumni and Hugh Hampton Young Fellow, a professor in the university’s Division of Politics and Economics and a leading expert on Native American voter suppression, and including Robert Saporito—is playing an active role in studying the disenfranchisement and voter suppression of Native Americans. In a recent case, the team’s extensive research served as key evidence in a federal case involving voter access for isolated tribes in Montana. Read the full article on The Flame.

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