Regeneron Prize for Creative Innovation: Submit nominations by Dec. 17

December 15, 2014

Submit nominations for the upcoming 3rd Annual Regeneron Prize for Creative Innovation! The Regeneron Prize recognizes and honors excellence in Biomedical Science conducted by graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. One winner will receive a check for $50,000 and their home institution will receive a donation of $5,000 to help support a new or existing seminar series. About 8 to 10 semi-finalists will receive $5,000. MIT will be submitting two graduate students candidates and two postdoctoral candidates for the competition, so nominate those who you think should compete!

A panel of MIT faculty will conduct an internal competition for the graduate student nominations for this prize. Each graduate program can submit one nomination for consideration for this internal MIT competition. The selection committee will then select two graduate finalists to be nominated to Regeneron for final review and consideration for this prize.  Applications must have a nomination form, the candidate’s CV, PDFs of the candidate’s publications (2-3 is sufficient), and a two-page research proposal describing a “dream” project that the candidate would want to do in the field of biomedical science.

Please send all graduate student nominations to Scott Tirrell and all postdoctoral nominations to Debra L Martin by 5pm Wednesday, December 17, 2014  as a single electronic PDF file. The final deadline for submitting nominations to Regeneron is January 5, 2015. For questions, contact Scott TirrellPhoto by UGA College of Ag & Environmental Sciences – OCCS.

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