Plehn-Dujowich: the top 10 most profitable businesses in America

December 1, 2014

Kevin Sheetz, the CEO and co-founder of Powerlytics, a company focused on using Big Data to deliver “trusted, actionable financial intelligence to manage risk and find growth opportunities”, put forth a new analysis on industry profitability and delivered a straightforward infographic showing the top 10 results… and these results might surprise you.  Powerlytics’ other co-founder (and Chief Research Officer), Jose Plehn-Dujowich, spend the last 10 years engaged in academic research and consulting with public and private entities on applications using the same datasets around which Powerlytics has been founded. Jose has a B.S. in management science, information technology from MIT Sloan School of Management, a B.S. in economics from MIT and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago. Read the article on VizWorld.

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