Apply to be an iREFS by Nov. 19; help ease stress!

November 12, 2014

This coming February, the Graduate Student Council and Conflict Management are launching the peer-support program for graduate students called iREFS. REFS (Resources for Easing Friction and Stress) is an umbrella term for peer support programs at the Institute. There are currently graduate student dREFS in departments, labs and centers across campus; and medREFS, people in MIT Medical who are resources to fellow staff. The new initiative called iREFS (Institute-wide REFS) will be launching in February 2015 for graduate students to serve their peers regardless of affiliation or location.

REFS provide low barrier, informal, confidential services to their peers in conflict management. They are available to their fellows to support, informally mentor, and mediate during times of uncertainty, stress or conflict. If you are interested in becoming an iREFS (Institute-wide Resource for Easing Friction and Stress) and receiving free conflict management training, please submit your application by Wednesday, November 19thPhoto by Igor Grushevskiy.

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