Wisniewski makes systems for better intelligence

November 3, 2014

Jillian Wisniewski spent Thanksgiving 2009 at a U.S. Army base in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, with just weeks until the end of her deployment and return to the U.S. Back then Wisniewski, now a student in the System Design and Management program at MIT, was an Army captain working in aviation intelligence. Her team was a motley crew, including an experienced soldier who had worked in armor, a recent college graduate who had studied criminology, and a helicopter pilot who contributed his programming skills to her intelligence section after he was grounded from flight due to migraines.

Wisniewski and her team ultimately came up with a methodology for efficiently collecting appropriate data, building a database of relevant variables, and implementing workflow practices that reduced errors and redundancies in processing and analysis. Perhaps most importantly, they started communication channels so pilots could benefit from intelligence gathered by those on the ground, and vice versa. Continue reading the article on MIT Newsphoto by Allegra Boverman

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