David Ku: The Fastest Bond in Biology Nov. 3

November 3, 2014

The Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) Distinguished Speaker Series invites you to attend David Ku’s lecture on blood clotting entitled The fastest bond in biology – can save you or kill you! on Monday, November 3rd in MIT Room E25-111, with a reception at 4:00pm and the seminar at 4:30pm.  David Ku, PhD, MD has been working in the fields of hemodynamics and medical devices for 30 years.  Trained in Vascular Surgery and Aerospace Engineering, Dr. Ku identified the critical role of low and oscillatory shear stress as a causative factor for atherogenesis.  His work has defined the role of turbulence in magnetic resonance imaging, and created fluid mechanic devices to selectively sample lung aerosols to detect TB superspreaders.  Dr. Ku’s recent studies have quantified the primary role of very high shear in heart attack and strokes using microfluidics, potentially leading to new clinical pathways for preventing fatal thrombosis.  Dr. Ku has patented and commercialized new medical devices for knee cartilage, spinal disk, and venous valves.  He has raised venture capital and started four companies, one of which has gone public.

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