Student Loan Art Program allows students to “adopt” artwork

October 28, 2014

student loan art program

Visitors to MIT earlier this month may have spotted what looked like a slow — and highly participatory — art heist: Over the course of three days, from Sept. 10 to 12, 593 students entered the List Visual Arts Center and left with pieces of its collection. This year marks the 45th anniversary of MIT’s Student Loan Art Program: After viewing the collection, choosing their favorites, and participating in a lottery, lucky graduate students and undergrads are given the opportunity to bring home one of the List’s works of art. In this year’s lottery, Desi Gonzalez, a graduate student in comparative media studies, received her first choice, after trying for it last year and coming up short. She can’t wait to begin her relationship with Frances Stark’s “Untitled.” “Looking at a work over time changes how you see,” she explained in a blog post. “Having a work hanging on your wall for nine months — it allows you to experience art in a way you never could within a museum.” Continue reading on MIT News.

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