Bachrach and Bry help Google’s delivery drone project

September 25, 2014

Google Drones

Friends and colleagues were aware, at some level, that Nick Roy, a researcher in MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), had been using his sabbatical to take on some sort of robotics-related role at Google. But few people knew the full scope of his work until this past week, when Google X — the infamous idea incubator known for Google Glass, self-driving cars, and wireless hot-air balloons — unveiled a video introducing Project Wing, an ambitious delivery-drone initiative that Roy has overseen for the past two years. Project Wing lined up nicely with Roy’s work as head of CSAIL’s Robust Robotics Group, which focuses in part on sensing, planning, and controlling unmanned vehicles in environments without GPS. He even brought on board a handful of key MIT collaborators, including recent graduates Abraham Bachrach PhD ’13 and Adam Bry SM ’11, whose state-estimation algorithms have drastically improved unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) navigation in indoor spaces. Continue reading on MIT News.

One thought on “Bachrach and Bry help Google’s delivery drone project

  1. Wow this is exactly where the industry is heading. Sense and avoid and self guidance technology. Really the only limitations drones have now is they depend on GPS and have limited battery life. Once sense and avoid is perfected these little UAV’s will have unlimited uses.

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