Eboney Hearn named Assistant Dean for Graduate Education, Diversity Initiatives

September 3, 2014

Eboney Hearn, formerly Program Director, Diversity Initiative at the Broad Institute has just joined the ODGE as Assistant Dean for Graduate Education, Diversity Initiatives.

In her tenure at the Broad, Hearn oversaw all aspects of 5 national biomedical research training programs for high school students, undergraduates, medical students, post-doctoral trainees and visiting faculty. She collaborated with the Broad’s Human Resources Department and Office of Academic Affairs to lead efforts that address the professional development needs of women throughout the Institute and to implement a seminar series to prepare Broad research technicians to pursue graduate degrees in STEM and medicine. Hearn was also a speaker at the Institute Diversity Summit in January 2014 – “Community Conversation: promoting authentic dialogue between members of different groups.”

As Assistant Dean in the ODGE, Eboney will provide creative and strategic leadership, direction, coordination, and assessment of initiatives to enhance diversity, climate, academic success and retention for students in MIT’s graduate degree programs, in particular underrepresented minority groups. She will provide advice and counsel to departments, programs and individual faculty on strategic operations related to enhancing diversity and promoting success of key constituencies; she will also engage alumni in achieving diversity goals through convening events, celebrating their accomplishments, and engaging them in recruitment and retention activities. As part of her duties, she will also oversee the MIT Summer Research Program, and direct recruitment efforts.

Eboney’s connection to the ODGE began when she was an undergraduate working in our office, and we are thrilled that she will return now as a senior member of our staff.

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