‘She’s So Schizophrenic!’: How Not to Alienate Your Colleagues with Psychiatric Disabilities

August 1, 2014

Dr. Joseph P. Fisher, a learning specialist at the Office of Disability Support Services at George Washington University, has worked throughout his career helping students with disabilities. One time he was working with a student earning a graduate degree in education. The student told him – in an offhand fashion, during a work session on a writing project – that her special-education professor kept using an acronym unfamiliar to her: “FLK.” When the student asked the professor what “FLKs” were, the professor told her: “Funny Little Kids” – that is, kids with learning or developmental disabilities. “The professor in question was being horrible about disabled children in front of a disabled adult with an invisible disability,” Joseph told me. “Someone was saying this in an instructional setting at the graduate level.” Someone should have known better. Continue reading at Vitae.

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