Random Reflections on Getting Published

August 7, 2014

At least a third of the papers I’ve written were nixed by my first-choice venues, and I had to submit various papers to multiple journals before they found a home. In one recent case, it took two years, four journals, and 16 extraordinarily polarized reviews before my manuscript saw the light of day. I got feedback ranging from “The tone of the article reveals one of the most dramatic lack of even-handedness in its presentation of arguments that I have read in my entire career” to “This is a near-perfect essay—clear, informative, balanced, and timely.” As these quotes illustrate, there aren’t any foolproof techniques, primarily because reviewers often disagree on what a good paper actually looks like. Now that we’re totally clear on what I don’t know, here are several things I do know. Continue reading on Vitae. Photo by LCC

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