El-Zanfaly studies learning through making — with one eye on her native Egypt

August 14, 2014

After taking Design and Computation Group and Neil Gershenfeld’s class on rapid prototyping, MAS.863 (How to Make (Almost) Anything) in 2010, Dina El-Zanfaly felt inspired. “That class (MAS.863) changed my whole life,” El-Zanfaly says. “Every week you learn a new skill and you use another machine.” El-Zanfaly realized the value of her new skill set, but also wished she and other design-minded young people in her home country could have access to laser cutters, 3-D printers, and CNC (computer numeric control) mills. So after the class was finished, she approached Gershenfeld and asked him, “Why don’t we have this in Egypt?” El-Zanfaly got to work, and by early 2012, with help and funding from several aspiring Egyptians, Fab Lab Egypt became the first fabrication lab in the Middle East. Read more about El-Zanfaly’s Fab Lab and other lab startups at MIT News.

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