Behrens: New direction in cancer immunotherapy

August 25, 2014

Cancer Immunotherapy

Jeff Behrens, CEO of Siamab and former MIT Hugh Hampton Young fellow uses research to target abnormal carbohydrates, or glycans, that are only found on the outer surface of cancer cells. These tumor-associated carbohydrate antigens, or TACAs, are common in the majority of solid tumors, Siamab said. The TACAs are “exploited” by tumor cells to “hijack” certain cellular processes to their advantage, allowing for tumor growth and dissemination.

“The space of targeting carbohydrates in cancer is an area that has been for some degree known for a long time, it’s technically hard to do,” Behrens said. “We’re able to rapidly and very efficiently make a large number of really high quality antibodies against these carbohydrates.” Read the full article on the new direction Behrens company is taking on MedCity News. Photo: Xconomy


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