New MITx Courses coming in Fall 2014

July 29, 2014

EdX offers interactive online classes and massive open online courses (MOOCs) from the world’s best universities. MITx courses embody the inventiveness, openness, rigor and quality that are hallmarks of MIT, and many use materials developed for MIT residential courses in the Institute’s five schools and 33 academic disciplines. Sign up for any of the 18 new courses that will be added to MITx this fall:

  • 3.032x: Mechanical Behavior of Materials
  • 3.086x: Innovation and Commercialization
  • 3.091x: Introduction to Solid State Chemistry
  • 4.605x: Global Architecture
  • 6.00.1x: Introduction to Computer Science & Programming
  • 6.004.1x: Computation Structures: Digital Circuits
  • 6.002x: Circuits and Electronics
  • 6.341x: Discrete-Time Signal Processing
  • 6.832x: Underactuated Robotics
  • 8.EFTx: Effective Field Theories
  • 15.S23x: U-Lab: From Ego-system to Eco-system Economies
  • 24.00x: Introduction to Philosophy
  • MAS.S69x: Big Data and Social Physics
  • Media Lab: Design and Development of Educational Technology
  • Media Lab: Introduction to Game Design and Development
  • ESD.SCM1x: Supply Chain Fundamentals
  • Virology-x: Virology
  • VJx: Visualizing Japan

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