Stock models a two-gear construct for envisioning blended learning

June 3, 2014


Elisabeth Stock, CEO and Co-Founder of CFY, the nonprofit behind PowerMyLearning, and former MIT Hugh Hampton Young Fellow, recently released a simplified approach to blended learning formalized in two gears: The first gear represents a cycle in which educational activities are selected for each student from a vast array of choices, then instruction is delivered through a number of modalities, then student learning is assessed, and finally that assessment data is used to select a new set of activities for each student so that the cycle can repeat again.

The second gear represents a cycle in which students drive their own learning at their own pace, receive immediate feedback, and try again. Students can find help with a topic they are struggling with in school (self-remediation), or they can explore something based on their own interests (self-enrichment). This cycle promotes the development of student ownership of learning — recognized as an essential element to college and career readiness. Read the full article on her research at EDUTOPIA

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