First two faculty members honored as Committed to Caring!

June 4, 2014

This past April, the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE) invited graduate students to nominate MIT professors who go above and beyond to make an impact on the lives of graduate students through a new Committed to Caring campaign (C2C).  We asked for stories about faculty members who, check in about a student’s well-being, who share their own struggles, who create a supportive and positive working environment and who provide outstanding mentorship. The response was moving.  Nearly 90 nominations came in for 40 faculty members, and the descriptions of support for graduate students made us even more proud to be part of the MIT community.

To honor these wonderful expressions of caring, we will profile two faculty members each month in an ongoing celebration. The first two honorees have just been posted on the ODGE web site and on posters across campus:

John Belcher, Physics
Supporting mental health

Kay Tye, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Building an inclusive culture

Our hope with this campaign is that we are able to come closer to the vision President Reif articulated at commencement one year ago, “that the family members of MIT become known for the way we treat each other: famous for sympathy, humility, decency, respect and kindness.”  The nomination process remains open so that we may continue to receive these impactful stories from graduate students. Over the course of this campaign, we would love to highlight and acknowledge the many faces of caring at MIT!

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