Liu designs nanoparticles that fight cancer three drugs at a time

May 6, 2014

Delivering chemotherapy drugs in nanoparticle form could help reduce side effects by targeting the drugs directly to the tumors. In recent years, scientists have developed nanoparticles that deliver one or two chemotherapy drugs, but it has been difficult to design particles that can carry any more than that in a precise ratio.

Now MIT chemists have devised a new way to build such nanoparticles, making it much easier to include three or more different drugs. In a paper published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, the researchers showed that they could load their particles with three drugs commonly used to treat ovarian cancer.

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One thought on “Liu designs nanoparticles that fight cancer three drugs at a time

  1. Where does this put us? Nanoparticle technologies is fascinating, and holds the possibility of decreasing toxicity for the affected person while increasing the effectiveness of treatment. Nevertheless, all scientific studies are still fairly initial. There’s no technique using nanoparticles that could be stated as standard of treatment, or outside of any medical trial environment. Numerous past treatment plans, way too many to count up truly, have demonstrated comparable promise during early reports but haven’t worked in people how we would love. Regrettably, we cure much more mice with cancer than we do humans.

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