Lester welcomed into Energy Points Advisory Board

May 18, 2014


MIT Professor Richard K. Lester (former MIT Hugh Hampton Young Fellow) is internationally known for his leadership in energy research. His most recent book, Unlocking Energy Innovation: How America Can Build a Low-Cost, Low-Carbon Energy System (co-authored with David Hart), proposes innovation strategies to address the great 21st century energy-related challenges of global climate change, worldwide energy supply insecurity, and rapidly expanding global energy demand. He recently joined the advisory board at Energy Points which provides source energy intelligence software. Organizations use its SaaS platform to manage and optimize their energy supply chains. It is the only company to analyze source energy—measuring total energy use from the source through the site of consumption, while accounting for resource risk and environmental impact. The Energy Points platform functions as a calculation engine for source energy. It takes customers’ on-site energy consumption data and maps it to a database of geospatial source energy data and analytics, conducting a full energy lifecycle analysis of electricity, water, fuels, and materials. By quantifying source energy the company is able to measure these different resources with a single energy metric, enabling decision-making across them. Read the full article at 3BL Media.

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