Should MIT form a new systems and statistics institute? Send thoughts by Jun. 9

May 15, 2014

Provost Marty Schmidt wrote the MIT community on May 15 to seek input on the formation of a new entity at MIT that will focus on complex and socio-technical systems, information and decision systems, and statistics. The proposed organization would incorporate many of the people and programs of the Engineering Systems Division, the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems. The recommendation to form this new entity is the result of deliberations of four faculty committees led by Professor Munther Dahleh, Professor Karen Willcox (Mission), and others. The committees included 39 faculty members from all five MIT Schools and worked under the leadership of Professor Dahleh, who is Acting Director of the Engineering Systems Division, and Director-designate for the proposed new organization.

Provost Schmidt is seeking additional input from the MIT community to help him decide whether or not to proceed with this significant new organization. He has provided the cover letter, executive summary, and reports of the four recent faculty committees for review. The recommendations of the prior committees can also be reviewed and are included in the report. June 9, 2014 is the deadline for sending feedback to Provost Schmidt by email at Photo by Pablo Sanchez.

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