Chancellor’s update on sexual assault prevention

May 27, 2014

This past week, Chancellor Barnhart sent out a community update on the status of her campus-wide sexual assault prevention work. After listening to the voices of students, faculty, and staff, she has identified unifying themes with respect to the issue, such as students’ desires for clear definitions of what behavior constitutes sexual assault and confusion about students’ rights and options for advice and support. More than 30 percent of the undergraduate and graduate student body has participated in Barnhart’s spring online survey, and she anticipates more responses up until the closing of the survey at the end of May. 

Based on data from the survey and other community input, Barnhart is planning new improvements for sexual assault prevention programs to be implemented at MIT this coming fall. These improvements span from education and outreach to policy, procedures, and processes. If anyone has questions, would like to be involved, or would like to contribute to the cause and communicate with Chancellor Barnhart directly, they can do so at 

Photo by U.S. Pacific Fleet.

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