Sethi, Duval, and Warsinger keep crops cool

May 19, 2014

Several MIT Sloan students landed awards—including the $100,000 grand prize—at the first Agricultural Innovation Prize competition at the University of Wisconsin-Madison last month.

Coolify, a startup founded by MIT Sloan students Rajat Sethi, MBA ’15, and Santiago Arias Duval, MBA ’14, and MIT mechanical engineering PhD student David Martin Warsinger, as well as Harvard Kennedy School student Ananth Raj Gudipati, took top honors for its plan for a micro cold storage unit that would reduce food waste in rural India.

Another MIT Sloan-based team, Love Grain, co-founded by Aleem Ahmed and Caroline Mauldin, both MBA ’15, won $25,000 for its gluten-free food company that relies on a grain grown in Ethiopia. Sethi, Ahmed, and Mauldin are all enrolled in MIT Sloan’s dual degree program with the Harvard Kennedy School.

The 2014 Agricultural Innovation Prize was sponsored by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture and in partnership with the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery and was administered by students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The two-day competition challenged all U.S. undergraduate and graduate students to develop innovative ways to improve global food systems.

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