Papers on bankruptcy protection, autism diagnosis win second annual MIT Sloan doctoral research forum

April 16, 2014

Felipe Severino won first prize at MIT Sloan’s 2014 doctoral research forum for his paper “Personal Bankruptcy Protection and Household Debt.” Severino, a PhD candidate in financial economics, showed that increased personal bankruptcy protection levels in the U.S. raised the volume of credit card debt, but did not increase credit card delinquency or correlate to increased riskiness in the pool of borrowers.

Second place went to Phech Colatat, a PhD candidate in economic sociology, for his paper “Imprinting Variation: The Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder at Two Specialty Clinics.” In the paper, Colatet examined autism diagnosis at clinics managed by Kaiser Permanente Northern California. He found “substantial variation” in diagnosis rates, but described ways work at the clinical level could stabilize those rates.

Read the rest of the article in the MIT Sloan School of Management Newsroom.

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