Should You Mention Your Blog in Your Job Application?

April 15, 2014

Karen Kelsky, an academic career coach at The Professor Is In, discusses when it is appropriate to include one’s personal blog in a job application:

“This is one of those issues that is evolving very quickly. As of this moment, my advice is that you should consider listing your blog in applications, as long as it meets a few standards.

“First off, consider your blog from various angles. Take appearance: Does it look decent visually? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy—the world of academia continues to be a world of very bare-bones Internet style. But it does have to communicate a certain level of professionalism and orderliness consistent with the rest of your job market materials. You can’t have misspellings or glaring typos, for example, whereas you must have appropriate visuals, fonts, and a writing style that communicate a scholarly persona…” Continue reading on Vitae. Photo by photologue_np.

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