New security company uses hacker tricks to evade attacks

March 10, 2014

An MIT Sloan alumnus’s new web security company is turning hackers’ own tricks against them, constantly morphing the code of a website to stay one step ahead of malicious bots.  Shuman Ghosemajumder, MBA ’02, is vice president of strategy at Shape Security, the Mountain View, Calif. company that emerged from stealth mode last month to a torrent of buzz and media attention.

Some of the chatter can be attributed to the star power of the company’s C-suite.  Ghosemajumder monitored click fraud at Google from 2003-2010.  CEO and co-founder Derek Smith led network security company Oakley Networks.  Co-founders Sumit Agarwal and Justin Call were big names at Google and Oakley, respectively.  The company also raised $26 million in funding from firms including Google Ventures, Venrock, and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures.

“We have gotten a tremendous response coming out of stealth,” Ghosemajumder said.  “The individual attack vectors and security problems that customers want us to solve for them are things that have gone unsolved even with all the security solutions that are out there.”

Continue reading the article in the Newsroom at MIT Sloan.

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