A response to “Breaking Silence”

February 19, 2014

President Rafael Reif had these comments to make regarding the story of a sexual assault at MIT:

Last week in the pages of The Tech, a young MIT graduate shared her anguished account of being raped as an undergraduate at MIT by someone she thought she could trust — her friend, coworker and research colleague, a man ten years her senior.

The suffering she describes breaks my heart. And — as we know from years of campus reporting about sexual assault and from the comments posted on her letter — she is not alone. That such betrayals occur in our community makes me profoundly sad and angry. Nothing could be further from our ideal of a community founded on respect, decency, sympathy, and kindness.

I admire her bravery in breaking the silence for all rape survivors in our community. Just as important, she has brought this topic to the center of our public conversation.

Continue reading the letter in The TechPhoto by sandra.scherer

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