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February 28, 2014

Tang Hall International Dessert Night on Mar. 1

Tang Hall is hosting the International Dessert Night Social for the MIT graduate student community on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 from 8:30pm to 9:30pm in the 24th floor lounge in Tang Hall.  Indulge your taste buds with exotic desserts from around the globe.  Beat the stress of the semester and chill out in the company of fellow graduate students.  For the sake of the environment, please bring your own plates and utensils.  Contact for more information.

February 28, 2014

Call for Art for GSC Arts Soiree: Submit by Mar. 1

Submit artwork, including paintings, drawings, photographs, performance art, interactive art, and dance, for the Fifth Annual Graduate Arts Soiree by Friday, March 14th, 2014.  The event is meant to showcase the creative endeavors of MIT students, with artists receiving guaranteed admission to the event as well as the exclusive chance of winning an awesome not-yet-announced gift.  To submit artwork, please email preferably by Saturday, March 1st, 2014.  Art can be dropped off in E15-205 between now and the event, or in the best scenario, can be brought to the showcase and then brought home afterward.

February 28, 2014

2014 MIT Asian Career Fair on Mar. 1

The MIT Asian Career Fair is a recruitment event aimed to connect MIT and all Boston area students with professional opportunities in Asia.  As the world’s fastest developing region, Asia is facing a growing demand for talented candidates with global vision, diverse experience, and strong academic endeavor.  MIT not only house students that fulfill these characteristics but have shown campus wide interest in internship and job opportunities in Asia.  This Asian Career Fair serves as a platform to connect Asian employers with high achieving undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdocs.  This year’s career fair will take place on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 from 10:00am to 5:00pm in the Sala de Puerto Rico, 2nd Floor, Student Center.  For more information, visit the website.

February 27, 2014

Warren, Clark join in restarting of Alcator C-Mod tokamak

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) visited MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC) this week for the official restart of the Alcator C-Mod tokamak. The resumption of work by nearly 100 staff, faculty, and graduate students on the project follows recent congressional budget action, which reversed an earlier proposal by the Department of Energy (DOE) to shut down the C-Mod program.

“It’s not enough to fight [for funding] year to year,” Warren said. “Graduate students need to be able to come here and work, and know that they can start projects, and that the lab will still be open a year from now, three years from now, five years from now, as their work continues.”

Read the article on MIT news.

February 27, 2014

Apply for the GSC-PSC Joint Service Fund (Deadline Mar. 2)

The GSC Funding Board is now accepting applications for student group funding, for the new GSC/PSC Joint Fund for public service, and for the new sustainability fund.  The cycle begins on Friday, March 14th, and ends on Saturday, June 14th.  The application deadline is Sunday, March 2nd, 2014!  Fill out the application here.

February 27, 2014

Venetian Masquerade Ball on Feb. 28

Join MITaly for a yearly Italian tradition!  The Venetian Masquerade Ball will be held on Friday, February 28th, 2014, from 9:00pm to midnight in the R&D Pub on the fourth floor of the Stata Center.  There will be Italian Carnival Desserts Tasting from 9:00pm to 10:00pm, a Best Mask Contest from 10:00pm to 10:30pm, and then a Dance Floor from 10:30pm to midnight.  Admission is free.  The dress code is “cocktail attire;” a masquerade ball mask is preferred.  This is a 21+ event, and a valid ID will be required (cash bar).  Contact for more information.

February 26, 2014

Azzarelli, among others from MIT, run Boston Marathon for Officer Sean Collier

An MIT Police Officer running for a fallen comrade.  An undergraduate student who came to know Officer Collier, became his friend, and climbed mountains with him.  A staff member who had just crossed the finish line when the first bomb exploded.  The MIT Strong marathon team has come together with 35 runners — and as many motivations for taking on the 2014 Boston Marathon on behalf of the MIT community and in honor of murdered MIT Police Officer Sean Collier.

Dogs are very effective at sniffing out bombs because their noses are astonishingly sensitive. Graduate student Joseph Azzarelli says running the marathon will inspire his research to improve public safety with technologies that mimic dogs’ natural ability. His vision, he says, is of networks of low-cost sensors that could make attacks like the Boston Marathon bombings more difficult to carry out.

“With the help of my colleagues, I aim to enable widely distributed, wireless, real-time explosives detection in cities, parks, and major metropolitan throughways,” says Azzarelli, a PhD candidate in chemistry in the laboratory of MIT professor Timothy Swager, a pioneer in sensors to detect explosives. “Perhaps we can create a future where incidents like those that occurred at the Boston Marathon can be mitigated before they manifest themselves.”

Read the rest of the article on MIT news.

February 26, 2014

Enterprise Evaluation of the Mass Health Info Exchange on Feb. 26

Join Andrea Ippolito and Anju Chaudhary in Conversations on Sociotechnical Systems: Enterprise Evaluation of the Massachusetts Health Information Exchange on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014, from 4:15pm to 5:30pm in MIT Room E38-615.  Andrea is an ESD doctoral student and research assistant on SSRC’s Massachusetts Health Information Exchange project.  Anju is a fellow in the System Design and Management program and research assistant on SSRC’s Massachusetts Health Information Exchange project.  Massachusetts leads the nation in adoption of electronic health records, and the Massachusetts Health Information Exchange (also known as the MA HIway) enables the electronic movement of health-related information among diverse health organizations.  The SSRC research team led an enterprise evaluation of the HIway using the enterprise strategic analysis for transformation (ESAT) and enterprise architecting (EA) methodologies.  For more information, visit

February 26, 2014

One Night Stand for Student Rights on Feb. 28

Take a stand to address sexual assault and harassment on campus.  Attend the One Night Stand for Student Rights on Friday, February 28th, 2014, from 7:00pm to 11:00pm in the Student Center.  Prominent spoken word artist and anti-violence activist Staceyann Chin, as well as DarkMatter, Stop Our Silence, and the founder of Surviving in Numbers, will be performing at the event.  Join SAFER² and other student groups for a late night open house to promote healthy relationships, ally-ship, and build community.  Participants will engage in dialogue and activities including spoken word performances, a collective mural project, and educational booths by allied student organizations and living groups.  Come learn about your student rights – Title IX and the Civil Rights Act, Clery Act, and the Campus SaVE Act – and make your MIT a safer space.  Register here.  For more information, visit the website.   Sponsored in part by the Office of the Dean of Graduate Education.


February 25, 2014

Communicating Science (ComSciCon) 2014 workshop (Application Deadline Mar. 1)

Graduate students at US institutions in all fields of science and engineering are encouraged to apply to attend the Communicating Science 2014 workshop to be held in Cambridge, MA on June 12-14th, 2014. The application will close on March 1st. Participants will build the communication skills that technical professionals need to express complex ideas to their peers, experts in other fields, and the general public. There will be panel discussions on the following topics: Communicating with non-scientific audiences, communicating complexity and controversy, communicating for a cause, communicating with multimedia, and engaging diverse audiences. In addition to these discussions, ample time is allotted for interacting with the experts and with attendees from throughout the country to develop new science outreach collaborations. Workshop participants will produce an original piece of science writing and receive feedback from workshop attendees and professional science communicators, including journalists, fiction and non-fiction authors, public policy advocates, educators, and more. To learn more and to apply to attend, visit the workshop website.

February 25, 2014

Whitehead Concert Series: The Great American Songbook Feb. 27

The 2013-2014 Whitehead Concert Series continues with The Great American Songbook on Thursday, February 27th, 2014, at noon in the Whitehead Auditorium.  The concert will feature Daniel C. Gabel (trombone) and Nikolas Anadolis (piano).  Compositions are featured from the Great American Songbook by contributors including Stephen Foster. Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, and Hoagy Carmichael.  Refreshments will be served.  Discount lunch tickets will be available at the door for the day of the concert.  All concerts are open to the Whitehead Community and friends.

February 25, 2014

Meyer chosen in startup project to prevent PTSD

Startups aiming to prevent PTSD, treat a rare genetic disease with no current treatment, measure a diabetic’s blood sugar with no need to draw blood and lower the cost of HIV treatment worldwide, have all been named to participate in MassCONNECT. MassCONNECT, MassBio’s life sciences and healthcare entrepreneur mentorship program, kicked off its first cycle of 2014 with a Technology Showcase, where the chosen entrepreneurs presented their ideas to a room of industry executives and potential mentors. For the next 8-10 weeks, these entrepreneurs (one of whom is Retsina Meyer, MIT alumna and former MIT Hugh Hampton Young Fellow) —chosen for their innovative technologies, products, or services—are paired with seasoned life sciences professionals for evaluation and advice as they work toward developing business plans, launching companies, and raising capital. Read about Meyer’s startup idea on MassBio. Photo by Kiran Foster

February 24, 2014

Malaria Testing startup wins MIT $100K Accelerate Contest

Disease Diagnostic Group last night won the MIT $100K Accelerate Contest, netting a $10,000 prize. Bragging rights, photos with the big ceremonial check, and applause all pale in comparison to the promise of the company’s mission: developing an inexpensive, portable malaria testing device with the potential to save half a million lives, mostly of children, globally each year.

For Disease Diagnostic Group, founded by MIT mechanical engineering graduate student John Lewandowski, presenter Jonathan Edward, who is pursuing an MBA at Harvard Business School, said the resources provided by the Accelerate contest during MIT’s January Independent Activities Period proved invaluable. Malaria is highly treatable with early diagnosis, but expense and access to reliable tests are substantial barriers, Edward said. The team had proven the science of their rapid assessment of malaria device, but through the Accelerate program they developed a plan to make it sturdier, an important attribute for a pocket-sized device that will be carried in military packs into remote villages.

“We’ll be using the prize money to continue to build and refine improvements on the prototype,” Edward said. “Early models were broken in shipping, and [through Accelerate] we were able to access design assistance to make them much more robust. They’re going out with the military; they need to be able to withstand harsh treatment to be effective.”

Read the entire article here.

February 24, 2014

Doing Business in the Middle East and Egypt: Q&A Session with Naguib Sawiris on Feb. 25

Come to the Q&A session with Eqyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris about doing business in the Middle East and Egypt on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm in Wong Auditorium, Building E51.  Learn how businessmen can seize the moment and engage in economic ventures in the Middle East and Africa.  See the opportunities that are out there for young entrepreneurs and innovators, and engage with Sawiris to discuss actionable insights and explore enterprise opportunities in the MENA region.  This talk will have a special focus on the economical situation in Egypt.  Contact for more information.

February 24, 2014

Grad Coffee Hour every Monday evening!

Come to the Grad Coffee Hour at 7:00pm every Monday from February 24th to May 19th, 2014 in the Stata Center Forbes Cafe.  There will be an array of free snacks, coffee, and hot chocolate to enjoy.  Take the chance to hang out with old friends…or make new ones!  Take a break from research or studying.  Contact for more information.

February 21, 2014

Burgess finds end-Permian extinction only took 60,000 years

Multiple theories have aimed to explain the cause of what’s now known as the end-Permian extinction, including an asteroid impact, massive volcanic eruptions, or a cataclysmic cascade of environmental events. But pinpointing the cause of the extinction requires better measurements of how long the extinction period lasted.

Now researchers at MIT have determined that the end-Permian extinction occurred over 60,000 years, give or take 48,000 years — practically instantaneous, from a geologic perspective. The new timescale is based on more precise dating techniques, and indicates that the most severe extinction in history may have happened more than 10 times faster than scientists had previously thought.

In addition to establishing the extinction’s duration, Sam Bowring, graduate student Seth Burgess, and a colleague from the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology also found that, 10,000 years before the die-off, the oceans experienced a pulse of light carbon, which likely reflects a massive addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. This dramatic change may have led to widespread ocean acidification and increased sea temperatures by 10 degrees Celsius or more, killing the majority of sea life.

Continue reading on MIT News.

February 21, 2014

MIT Sloan Tech Conference on Feb. 22

The 2014 MIT Sloan Tech Conference will focus around the theme of technologies that are disrupting life.  The conference will take place on Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 from 8:30am to 4:30pm in the MIT Media Lab.  Keynotes will be done by founders of startups in quantum computing, flying cars, and gamification platforms, among other things.  Panels also include startups, focused on education, wearable devices, markets, and communities. Contact for more information.

February 21, 2014

“Alien Citizen” Performance by Elizabeth Liang on Feb. 21

Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey is a funny and poignant one-woman show about growing up as a dual citizen of mixed heritage in Central America, North Africa, the Middle East, and New England.  Elizabeth Liang, like President Obama, is a Third Culture Kid or a TCK.  Third Culture Kids are the children of international business people, global educators, diplomats, missionaries, and the military–anyone whose family has relocated overseas because of a job placement.  Liang weaves humorous stories about growing up as an Alien Citizen abroad with American commercial jingles providing her soundtrack through language confusion, first love, culture shock, Clark Gable, and sandstorms…  Our protagonist deals with the decisions every global nomad has to make repeatedly: to adapt or to simply cope; to build a bridge or to just tolerate.  From being a Guatemalan-American teen in North Africa to attending a women’s college in the USA, Alien Citizen reflects her experience that neither one was necessarily easier than the other.  She realizes that girls across the world are growing into womanhood in environments that can be hostile to females (including the USA).  How does a young girl cope as a border/culture/language/religion straddler in country after country that feels “other” to her when she is the “other?” Where is the line between respecting others and betraying yourself?  Find out at this free and public event taking place on Friday, February 21st, 2014 at 7:00pm in MIT Room 6-120.  A reception precedes at 6:00pm.

February 21, 2014

2014 MIT Excellence Awards Ceremony on Feb. 25

Come celebrate the recipients of the 2014 MIT Excellence Awards on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014, from 3:00pm to 4:00pm in Kresge Auditorium, with a reception from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.  This year also marks the first announcement of the Collier Medal, a tribute to Officer Collier’s commitment to serving MIT, and a lasting reminder to his dedication.  This will be a very special occasion to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of members of the MIT community.  Everyone at MIT is invited to attend and celebrate these achievements.  The MIT Excellence Awards acknowledge the extraordinary efforts made by members of our community toward fulfilling the goals, values, and mission of the Institute.  These are among the highest honors awarded to staff by MIT.  Professionalism, commitment to best practices, and high standards of excellence are at the heart of these awards.

February 20, 2014

Music, Culture and Transformation Feb. 26th – 27th

Come to Music, Culture and Transformation, a two-day series of events sponsored by MIT/Harvard Cool Japan on February 26th ad 27th including live music and panel discussions. All events are fee and open to the public.

On Wednesday the 26th from 3 to 5 PM in Room E25-111 come to an artist talk and panel on Fukushima Activism, Postwar Pop, Intermedia Art, and Global Hip-Hop. This will feature an Artist Talk with Zeebra (Japanese hip-hip emcee) and Ian Condry followed by the following presentations: “Sounding Against Nuclear Power in Post-Fukushima Japan” with Maria Abe (BU), “Sonic Encounters Between Art and the Everyday in 1960s Japan” with Miki Kaneda (Harvard), “The Politics of Pop Music Before J-Pop” with Hiromu Nagahara (MIT), and “Move the Planet: Post-National Hip-Hop Diaspora” with Murray Forman (NEU).

Read more

February 20, 2014

The 2014 Happiness Challenge

There are things we can all do to make our lives healthier and happier. Exercising, sleeping, thinking positively – it’s nothing we haven’t heard of before. But it’s so easy to leave these ideas on the back burner. That’s why the MIT Undergraduate Association is excited to host the Happiness Challenge open to all of MIT – graduate students, undergraduate students, staff, and faculty! Grab a friend and try each challenge for one week. Chances are, it’ll make you feel awesome! Sign up and starting February 15th you will receive a curated challenge in your inbox each week. Try out the challenge for a week, check in at the week’s end on the Happiness Challenge website, and get a chance to win a weekly prize – gift cards, massages, and the like! Champions who complete all 8 weeks get a prize at the end of the term. Photo by South Carolina’s Northern Kingdom

February 19, 2014

Mareena Robinson speaks at 2014 MLK Celebration

Mareena Robinson, a two time alum of the MIT Summer Research Program and PhD candidate in Nuclear Science and Engineering, was the graduate student speaker during the 2014 MLK Celebration.  The event also featured the MIT Gospel Choir and an Invocation by Rev. Rahsaan Hall.  The MLK Celebration is an assembly of speakers, presentations and song which serve to inspire the community to rededicate to the vision of Dr. King.

Read more about Robinson and the event on MIT news; click “Read more” to see a video excerpt from the Celebration (Robinson’s talk begins at 14:40).
Read more

February 19, 2014

A response to “Breaking Silence”

President Rafael Reif had these comments to make regarding the story of a sexual assault at MIT:

Last week in the pages of The Tech, a young MIT graduate shared her anguished account of being raped as an undergraduate at MIT by someone she thought she could trust — her friend, coworker and research colleague, a man ten years her senior.

The suffering she describes breaks my heart. And — as we know from years of campus reporting about sexual assault and from the comments posted on her letter — she is not alone. That such betrayals occur in our community makes me profoundly sad and angry. Nothing could be further from our ideal of a community founded on respect, decency, sympathy, and kindness.

I admire her bravery in breaking the silence for all rape survivors in our community. Just as important, she has brought this topic to the center of our public conversation.

Continue reading the letter in The TechPhoto by sandra.scherer

February 18, 2014

Nominate a fabulous grad student teacher! Deadline Mar. 14

The Office of the Dean for Graduate Education is soliciting nominations for this year’s Goodwin Medal, as part of the MIT Awards Convocation. Each year, MIT awards the Goodwin Medal to a graduate TA or Instructor (G) who has performed above and beyond the norm, and whose teaching efforts can truly be characterized as “conspicuously effective.” If there is a graduate TA or Instructor (G) in your department who matches these characteristics, please consider submitting a nomination (one allowed per department) on his/her behalf for the Goodwin Medal. Any member of the faculty or any organized student group (through one of its responsible officers) may submit a nomination. These nominations should be sent to the candidate’s department head. Department heads must submit their final nominations (one allowed per department) to the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education by 5 pm on Friday, March 14, 2014. The recipient will be announced at the MIT Awards Convocation on Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 4pm in 10-250. For more details on the Goodwin Medal, eligibility, and the nomination process, please see the ODGE website. Photo by MIT Student Life.

February 18, 2014

Grad Gala (Mad Men style) on April 12

Tickets are on sale for the MIT Grad Gala 2014!  Join the graduate community at MIT for a fun night of dinner, music, dancing, and partying on Saturday, April 12th, 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel.  This is a special “Mad Men” style party.  This first 200 guests to register are eligible for discounted ticket prices!  All MIT graduate students and post-docs are welcome and may bring one guest.  Gift vouchers will be given for the first three full tables to register!  More information, including the registration form, is available here.

February 17, 2014

Career Planning for Financial Independence on Feb 19

Learn about building your financial independence over the course of your career at the Career Planning for Financial Independence event on Wednesday, February 19th, 2014, from 2:00pm to 3:30pm in MIT Room 68-181.  Alan McMillan, Sloan Fellow ’91, will be presenting on critical life skills for emerging university talent.  McMillan will:

  • Demystify personal financial management
  • Share a macro view for you to become aware of your financial situation and long term strategy
  • Give pragmatic steps for your early career years

This is not a ‘how to invest your money’ seminar, rather McMillan will discuss long term planning over the course of your career and simple steps to make you financial freedom more certain.  Advanced registration requested via CareerBridge.

February 17, 2014

Martin Schmidt named provost; Cynthia Barnhart named chancellor

Two longtime members of the faculty — who first arrived at MIT in the early 1980s as graduate students — have been named provost and chancellor, the Institute’s two most senior academic posts.

Martin Schmidt, an electrical engineering professor who has served as associate provost since 2008 and as acting provost since last fall, has been named provost on a permanent basis, President L. Rafael Reif announced this morning in an email to the MIT community.  Reif also announced that Cynthia Barnhart, a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is MIT’s new chancellor. Barnhart has been associate dean of the School of Engineering since 2007; she served as acting dean of engineering from 2010 to 2011.

Schmidt’s appointment as provost, MIT’s senior academic and budget officer, and Barnhart’s appointment as chancellor, with overarching responsibility for graduate and undergraduate education and student life, are both effective immediately.

Continue reading the article on MIT newsphoto by Dominick Reuter

February 14, 2014

Start6 inspires student engineers to become entrepreneurs

In Start6, a new entrepreneurship program for MIT engineering students offered during IAP, participants have received advice from such guest speakers as Paul English, cofounder of Kayak; Mike Evans ’99, MEng ’00, and COO and cofounder of GrubHub; Marina Hatsopoulos ’92, serial entrepreneur, former CEO and director of Z Corporation, and angel investor; and Max Krohn ’08, cofounder of OkCupid. And that was just on the first day.

“It’s awesome to be able to hear insightful things from people who have done this before and know what they’re talking about,” says Ari Weinstein, a freshman from Philadelphia who plans to major in electrical engineering and computer science (EECS) and already has some entrepreneurial experience. He created DeskConnect, an app that allows users to share files between devices with one button. DeskConnect already has more than 100,000 users. Read more on MIT news.

February 14, 2014

ODGE Competitive Fellowships, due March 10

The ODGE is now accepting nominations for ODGE competitive fellowships.  The ODGE accepts on nomination per department for each award with the exception of the Ida M. Green Fellowship and the Endowed Fellowships of the Arab Republic of Egypt.  All nominations must be submitted by departments, and students may not nominate themselves; students should contact their graduate administrator.  Nomination packages for each candidate should be sent to the Manager of Graduate Fellowships, Scott Tirrell ( electronically as PDF files by 5pm on Monday, March 10th, 2014.  Hard copies will not be accepted.  Awards will be decided in early April, with the exception of the Hugh Hampton Young fellowship.  The Department, as nominator, will be notified first of all decisions; students will then receive confirmation of awards via email and a written letter.

February 14, 2014

Death and the Powers Simulcast on Feb 16

Come see Tod Machover’s robotic opera Death and the Powers that will take place at the MIT Media Lab on Sunday, February 16th, 2014 at 2:30pm.  The live show will be presented by The Dallas Opera from February 12th through the 16th.  In addition to the live show, there will be 10 first-ever interactive simulcasts during the February 16th matinee.  The simulcasts will be presented in the US and Europe, including one in the Media Lab’s sixth-floor lecture hall at 75 Amherst Street.  In addition to viewing the live, high definition broadcast feed of the production, you will be able to become immersed further in the performance by using the Powers Live mobile application developed by the Media Lab’s Opera of the Future group.  Available for download now for iOS 6/7 and Android 4.0+ devices, Powers Live will allow you to virtually experience visual and sonic aspects of the performance.  Live video, audio, and graphical content will be triggered in the app in sync with the performance, and there will be moments when your interaction will, in turn, influence the live show back in Dallas!  Register for the event here.  More information is available here.

February 13, 2014

Writing about science, tech, and society? Apply for Benjamin Siegel Prize by Feb. 28

The Benjamin Siegel Prize of $2500 is offered to the MIT student submitting the best written work on issues in science, technology, and society. The Prize is open to graduate and undergraduate students from any school or department of the Institute. Email one electronic (PDF) copy of a single-authored work of no more than 50 pages written within the last two academic years to: Randyn Miller at Include one cover page with author identification, contact information, year, and program of study. Do not include any identifiers within the body of the work. The deadline for submission is Friday, February 28, 2014. The Siegel Prize was established in 1990 by family and friends of the late Benjamin Siegal (S.B. 1938, Ph.D.). For more information, visit the website or call (617) 253-3452. Photo by Chase Elliott.

February 13, 2014

Concert of Music by Alvin Lucier on Feb 15

MIT Music and Theater Arts presents a concert of music by Alvin Lucier on Saturday, February 15th, 2014 at 8:00pm in the MIT Chapel.  Admission is free.  The music played includes the following:
  • Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas #12, solo for violin
  • Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra, for amplified triangle
  • In Memoriam Jon Higgins, for clarinet and pure wave oscillator
  • Music for Cello with one or more amplified vases
  • Criss-Cross, for two electric guitars
The musicians of Either/Or include Anthony Burr (clarinet/guitar/electronics), Jennifer Choi (violin), Wendy Law (cello), and David Shively (percussion/guitar).

February 12, 2014

Wittman shows network carriers receive more complaints than cheaper airlines

Consider the last time you dealt with an airline service mishap: a bag lost in transit, a flight delayed or canceled, or an overbooked plane. Are you more or less likely to make a formal complaint about service quality if you’re flying on a long-established “network” carrier or a newer, budget-friendly airline? According to a new MIT study, passengers of low-cost upstarts tend to complain less, even though the quality of service may be the same as more expensive airlines.

In a study published in the Journal of Air Transport Management, Michael Wittman, a graduate student in MIT’s International Center for Air Transportation, tallied airline-related complaints made to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) from 2002 to 2012. He found that regardless of the type of service failure, passengers complained up to 10 times more often about network carriers than low-cost carriers. Continue reading the article on MIT news.

February 12, 2014 – Learn, teach, and meet MIT grad students

Interested in learning new things, sharing what you love, and meeting other MIT graduate students? Visit to sign up to teach and learn. You can already sign up to learn cooking, programming, tennis, and much more. This opportunity to meet other MIT graduate students and simultaneously do something fun is completely free to use. Photo by Kenneth Lu.

February 12, 2014

Join The Coop’s 2014-2015 Board of Directors (Deadline Feb. 19)

Would you value an opportunity to gain practical business experience while you influence the way the Coop serves students and other members, and receive a stipend, too? The Coop is now accepting applications from interested Harvard and MIT undergraduate and graduate degree candidate students to serve during the 2014-2015 academic school year. The Coop Board of Directors meets approximately six times during the school year, and offers exposure to every aspect of business management. Apply online starting January 29th; Deadline is February 19th.

February 11, 2014

MIT Think Thank is recruiting

The MIT Think Tank is a new organization which builds interdisciplinary teams of MIT community members (ranging from undergrads to postdocs) to tackle real-world challenges in domains such as medicine, education, government, and the arts. They collaborate with professionals in society such as doctors and educators who experience these problems first hand. MIT Think Tank is currently recruiting! Applications and general information can be found on the MIT Think Tank website.

February 11, 2014

Black History Month Reception with Prof. Craig Wilder Feb. 26

The Office of the Dean for Graduate Education invites you to join us for a Black History Month Reception on Wednesday, February 26, 5 – 7pm in the Wong Auditorium (E51-115).  We will enjoy fellowship, hors d’oeuvres, and a presentation by special guest speaker Professor Craig Wilder, Chair of the MIT History section and author of Ebony & Ivory: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America’s Universities. Prof. Wilder has just received a 2014 Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA) Literary Award in the Nonfiction category for his book.

Craig Steven Wilder received his BA from Fordham University and then went on to complete his MA, MPhil and PhD at Columbia University. He studies American urban, intellectual and cultural history. Prof Wilder began his career as a community organizer in the South Bronx. He provides curricular and professional development workshops with public school teachers in low-income areas of New York City. He also advises community and social organizations in New York City.

Additionally, Prof Wilder is a senior fellow at the Bard Prison Initiative, where he has served as a guest lecturer, commencement speaker, academic advisor, and visiting professor. For more than a decade, this innovative program has given hundreds of men and women the opportunity to acquire a college education during their incarcerations in the New York State prison system. Prof Wilder is the author of three books, several articles and has advised and appeared in numerous historical documentaries. He has directed or advised exhibits at regional and national museums. In 2004, Columbia University awarded him the University Medal of Excellence.

February 10, 2014

MIT Graduate Women attend Emerging Leaders Summit

Six MIT graduate women were sponsored by ODGE to attend the 5th Annual Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Summit this past January at Columbia University through an internal competition. The summit brought together leaders and innovators from all over the globe to collaborate, learn, and discuss world issues around this year’s theme: “The Next Generation of Women Leaders Creating the Future.”

Sarah Dimson, Department of Urban Studies And Planning
Lindsey Gilman, Department of Nuclear Science & Engineering
Andriani Panagiotidou
 Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jacqueline Park, Department of Managment
Meghan Jing Shan, Department of Health Sciences & Technology
Ellan Spero, History, Anthropology, Science, Technology, & Society

Read more

February 10, 2014

Judges needed for Boston citywide science fair Mar. 1st

The Boston Public Schools Citywide Science Fair will be held on Saturday, March 1st 8am-12pm at Northeastern University and it is currently recruiting judges. To sign up for a judge position of volunteer in other areas, fill out this form.     photo by Fort Meade

February 10, 2014

MIT Comedy Night at the Thirsty Ear Pub Feb. 11th

Join us for another MIT Comedy Night on Tuesday, February 11th at 8 PM in the Thirsty Ear Pub, Ashdown House (NW35) with headliner Al Park (Boston Comedy Festival). Hosted by John Baglio, featuring Caitlin Durante, Misha Han, Wes Hazard, Tim McIntire, Kevin Seefried, and Andrew Turco. Snacks and soda provided. 21+ govt ID & MIT ID required for entry. Please have ID ready to show at the door. Presented by the Thirsty Ear Executive Committee. Sponsored by GSC Funding Board, Peter de Florez ’38 Humor Fund, and GradRat.

February 7, 2014


Apply for Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability by Feb. 24

Each MIT faculty member is invited to nominate one outstanding student to become a member of the Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability for 2014-2015. The student should presently be a second- or third-year graduate student pursuing doctoral research and should be a resident at MIT during the Fellowship period. Nominees should be working in, or interested in, an area of environment and sustainability as indicated by his/her clearly articulated statement of interest, subjects taken, and proposed research area. Nominations for Martin Fellowships for Sustainability are due February 24, 2014. See the MITEI nominations website and the attached PDF’s for additional information. Photo by photologue_np

February 7, 2014


Monad Trio Concert: Sublime Melodies Sat. Feb. 8

Come enjoy a concert of Iranian classical music Saturday, February 8 at 7:00 pm in the Wong Auditorium! Featuring Maestro Hossein Alizadeh, a leading Iranian musician and a master of Setar and Tar lutes, and Pejman Hadadi, an internationally acclaimed player of Tonbak (Goblet drum), accompanied by Saba Alizadeh on Kamancheh. Buy Tickets online! (discounted $10 tickets for MIT undergrads) photo by indigoprime

February 6, 2014

Why Nations Fail

Lecture by Prof. Daron Acemoglu Feb. 11: “Why Nations Fail”

Please join us on Tuesday, February 11th at 6PM in the MIT Sidney-Pacific Graduate Residence Mark Multipurpose Room (Ground Floor, 70 Pacific Street, Cambridge. Map) for an exciting lecture by Prof. Daron Acemoglu. Prof. Acemoglu is the Killian Professor of Economics at MIT. In 2005 he received the John Bates Clark Medal awarded to economists under forty judged to have made the most significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge. He is a co-author of the 2012 best-selling book Why Nations Fail. “Brilliant and engagingly written, Why Nations Fail answers the question that has stumped the experts for centuries: Why are some nations rich and others poor, divided by wealth and poverty, health and sickness, food and famine?” There will be a lottery-based dinner hosted by the housemasters for up to 35 lecture attendees and the speaker right after the lecture. RSVP (optional for lecture-only, required for dinner lottery). The MIT Presidential Fellows/Sidney Pacific Distinguished Lecture Series hosts leading thinkers at Sidney Pacific Graduate Residence, MIT’s largest graduate community. Lectures are open to the public and intended for a general MIT graduate student audience. Photo by Financial Times photos.

February 6, 2014

Turkish Cultural Night Feb. 9th

The Turkish Student Association would like to give you a firsthand experience of the Turkish culture! Come to Turkish Cultural Night on Sunday, February 9th at 8 PM in Morsss Hall, Walker Memorial Building. There will be authentic Turkish food, music, and dancing! FREE for MIT students. $10 for others, paid at the door. RSVP needed for everyone! Please RSVP or find the MIT Turkish Student Association on facebook for more information.

February 5, 2014

Apply for Legatum Fellowship (Deadline Feb. 15)

Are you interested in entrepreneurship in low-income countries? The Legatum Center seeks entrepreneurs who aspire to have a lasting and positive economic impact on low-income countries by developing their own entrepreneurial ideas and building their own local enterprises. The Center’s approach is intensely practical. Recognizing that even the best innovations can be rendered useless if not distributed effectively, the Legatum Center works closely with its Fellows to design not just innovative products and services, but also workable, affordable, and sustainable business distribution methods. Fellows will receive tuition assistance, one-on-one business plan coaching, mentorship, networking with potential investors, and many more benefits. All incoming and current MIT graduate students and rising juniors and seniors are invited to apply by February 15, 2014. Photo by Peter Haden.


February 5, 2014

Apply to become Graduate Resident Advisor (Deadline Feb. 7)

The Office of Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups is accepting applications for FSILG Graduate Resident Advisors for the 2014-2015 academic year. GRAs serve to provide a safe, supportive, and positive environment for undergraduates while residing in one of the 37 MIT fraternities, sororities, and independent living groups. Steven Ojeda, GRA of Theta Chi, said, “I enjoy being an GRA because nothing beats fostering brotherly love, fueling each others passion, and the smell of Sunday morning bacon.” Applications are due by February 7, 2014. To learn more or apply for the position, visit the website. Contact Ian Miller at with any questions.

February 4, 2014

Develop your professional skills in London! Info session TODAY

MIT and Imperial College London are jointly offering an intensive four-day Global Fellows Program for PhD students. Twenty PhD students from each school, Imperial and MIT, will have the opportunity to develop the professional skills required to launch and manage a successful research career. Program participants will engage in presentations, interactive work, and hands-on activities. Emphasis will be on creating and sustaining successful international research collaborations. The program will be held on June 8-14, 2014 in Wokingham, United Kingdom. Only PhD students are eligible and preference is given to students who have passed qualifying exams and have a few years remaining before completing their PhD program. The fellowship covers the cost of travel, the program, and some meals. Attend the Global Fellows Program information session on Tuesday, February 4, 3:00-4:00pm in 24-121. For further information, visit the website or contact Submit your application by Friday, February 14.

February 4, 2014

MIT Women’s Chorale seeks singers by Feb. 5

The MIT Women’s Chorale, open to all women in the MIT community, welcomes new members for the spring 2014 semester beginning on January 22. Come join women of a wide range of cultural backgrounds and ages in experiencing the joy and benefits of singing together. Under the direction of the talented Kevin Galiè, the spring concert will feature a beautiful 18th century Stabat Mater with chamber orchestra and opportunities for soloists. Prospective members are asked to join by the third rehearsal on February 5 and contact Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings 7:15-9:30pm in 10-340. For more information, visit the websitePhoto by Vancouver 125.


February 3, 2014


From the Singapore Grand Prix to MIT

It’s been said that the best achievement is striving to surpass yourself, and that’s something SDM ’14 Christopher Choo knows a lot about. After several successful years working for the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix, the “next big thing” for Choo involves moving from the Far East to Cambridge, MA, then back to Singapore to earn two master’s degrees in about two years.

Choo arrived in the United States in January 2014 to matriculate into the MIT–Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) Dual Masters’ Program. The program offers outstanding individuals the chance to maximize their potential in the fields of technology and design. Successful applicants receive a range of benefits, including a full tuition scholarship to both the SDM and SUTD programs, a monthly stipend, round-trip airfare between the United States and Singapore, and more. Continue reading on the MIT System, Design, and Management website.

February 3, 2014

Welcoming Deborah Federico, career counselor for MIT PhD students

Deborah Federico will be with Career Services at GECD for the next few months to meet with our PhDs about career matters and job search. Deborah has an MBA from Boston College and over nine years of career counseling experience in higher education, having most recently spent five years providing career services to business students in the School of Management at Boston University. She is also the owner of CareerWorks Coaching and the author of the “From College to Career” blog. Prior to working in higher ed, Deb held marketing and market research positions at Randstad (formerly Office Specialists) staffing and recruiting agency, The Gillette Company, and boutique market research agencies. She is in the process of becoming certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator through the National Career Development Association. Students can sign up for appointments with Deborah Federico on CareerBridge.