Thiers Brings Down The Cost Of Clinical Trials

December 24, 2013


“Pharma and CROs don’t have all of the information they need to properly select the right sites,” says Fabio Thiers, ViS founder and CEO and former MIT Hugh Hampton Young Fellow. “As a result, pharma firms and CROs may well end up with centers that don’t recruit any patients, and trials that take twice as long as they should. This lack of available information on trial sites will therefore drive up the cost of trials.” To help solve the problem, ViS spent a decade creating a map of over 400,000 sites that exist around the world. The company’s online feasibility platform makes information on those sites, such as patient populations, investigators, and disease-specific specialties, accessible to sponsors and CROs. Read the full article on the impact of his research at Clinical Leader. Photo: Arquivo pessoal

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