Resource Spotlight: The Chaplains at MIT

December 6, 2013

Representing an array of religions and denominations from around the world, the Chaplains at MIT serve as spiritual advisers to the MIT community. For many, spiritual wellbeing is key to a productive, purposeful life, and can be a great source of comfort amidst the many demands and challenges the Institute presents. Even for those who are not practicing a particular religion, MIT’s chaplains are a great source of wisdom and warmth, and are willing to listen to students and other community members who are feeling overwhelmed, lost, or stressed.

The chaplains also seek to nurture a welcoming community built around their faith, offering programs and gatherings that can help MIT students, faculty, staff, spouses, and family meet new people and form a support network. For example, Pegah Khalili recently came to MIT from Iran with her Husband Babak Manouchehrifar, a first-year student in the Department of Urban Studies + Planning. Three months ago she began attending the free English classes held by Reverend Michael Dean on Thursdays at 1:15pm in W11-190. “These classes helped me a lot,” she explains, “not only in improving my command of the English language, but also in making a smooth and ongoing transition to adapt to a new culture.

“Those classes provided us with a free productive learning environment in which we are capable to make progress and get accustomed to the American culture. Being in such internationally, culturally, and religiously diverse classes made me capable of both getting to know new people and feeling comfortable to communicate. As my husband says, my taking part in those classes makes him capable of focusing on his studies – since he is less worried about my adaptation to the new culture.”

This is just one of the many programs offered through the Chaplains at MIT. For a full list of the different faiths and organizations represented, along with email addresses and telephone numbers for the different chaplains, visit this site.

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