Resource Spotlight: Community Wellness at MIT Medical

December 3, 2013

It’s no secret that the MIT environment is a demanding one: a great deal is expected of students, faculty, and staff. Maintaining physical and emotional health is essential to getting the most out of the MIT experience. Community Wellness at MIT Medical exists to offer support to all members of the MIT Community, offering classes, events, workshops, and both individual and group consultation – in addition to facilitating several ongoing groups, such as “Making Peace with Food” and groups for new and expectant parents.

The Community Wellness at MIT Medical is acutely aware of the Institute’s uniquely dynamic culture, and tailors its programs accordingly. ““Community Wellness is like a little oasis on campus,” explains Holly Johnsen, a PhD candidate in Biology. “While I’m waiting for a doctor’s appointment, I like to wander over and browse their extensive library of books while enjoying a free cup of tea. I also love their collection of guided relaxation tracks to download or listen to on the phone – I’ve definitely called 617-253-CALM before committee meetings to relax!

“But perhaps their best-kept-(from graduate students) secret is their list of course offerings,” Johnsen continues. “Although you might think that you’re too busy to add another class to your schedule, the ones I have taken have given me more energy and focus to tackle the rest of my day. Last year I took the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction class, which was a fun and easy introduction to meditation. It taught me that taking even a five-minute break to be present can reverse a bad mood. This term I took the Health Coaching class, and it was the best $57 and 8 hours I’ve ever spent. Through a variety of exercises, I crafted a vision statement of what kind of person I’d like to be, and then each week set small, realistic, and doable yet powerful goals that took me closer to being that best self. After just a couple of months, I’ve become much more focused in my research, confident in my work, and satisfied with my work-life balance.

“I would strongly recommend the Community Wellness classes,” Johnsen concludes, “ to anyone who thinks that they could sleep better, become healthier, worry less, or improve themselves in any way.”

Find out more about Community Wellness at MIT Medicals’ programs, staff, and classes by visiting their website.

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