Resource Spotlight: Mental Health and Counseling

November 26, 2013

An office of MIT Medical, Mental Health and Counseling provides mental health services that include evaluations and consultations, brief or interim treatment (counseling, psychotherapy), thoughtful referrals to mental health practitioners, urgent care, group counseling, and neuropsychology consultations to help identify cognitive or attention problems, disorganization, lack of motivation, and more. Located on the 3rd floor of E23, they hold walk-in hours daily from 2-4pm. Appointments are available from 8:30am to 7pm Monday through Thursday, and 8:30am to 5pm on Fridays.

Acknowledging the rigors of the MIT experience, Mental Health and Counseling can help students assess existing conditions, deal with emotional turmoil or stress, or offer guidance and helpful suggestions for coping with personal and professional responsibilities. Their services are also available to employees, faculty, staff, and family members. In addition, Mental Health and Counseling can help people who are concerned about the welfare of any member of the MIT community.

“The service MIT Mental Health renders to this great campus is praiseworthy,” says Karthik Dinakar, a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab. “I know of many students and alums who have benefited from the quality of counseling at MIT Mental Health in much the same way as I have benefited from it personally.

“The MIT experience is as much about learning about all aspects of one’s life as it is about our daring intellectual pursuits. Through their scientific focus on sleep, diet, exercise and social relationships, MIT Mental Health helps students to not only boost their creativity and productivity on campus, but also equips them with tools to face life’s vicissitudes long after graduation – for the world needs the genius of our students both when they are on campus and when they become alums.”

Visit the Mental Health and Counseling website to find out all that they have to offer, schedule an appointment, read profiles of care providers, and more.

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