Handy and the push to create a $30 portable brain recorder

October 1, 2013

Whether it’s studying the potential for head impact injuries among young football players or adult soldiers, an intriguing area of research that’s gaining buzz is the brain. Imagine small sensors, tucked inside a baseball hat or helmet, which would record electrical activity along your scalp. Your brain wave data then would be collected by mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, so any head impacts could be analyzed on the spot for any serious injuries. “A low-cost EEG system can be part of a laboratory experiment that a 15-year-old might be able to do,” said Erik Handy, principal scientist at SI2 Technologies and MSRP alum. The small business—based in North Billerica, Mass., 25 miles outside Boston—is among four companies that have received federal DARPA funding to create complementary solutions. Continue reading about this project on the CNBC website.

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