Dimson plans for renewable energy, affordable housing in Tanzania

August 30, 2013


On the long, bumpy drive to her grandmother’s house in Accra, Ghana, seven-year-old Sarah Dimson began to notice some stark disparities between her home in Norman, Okla., and the country of her parents’ birth. The car hit pothole after pothole, and the lights in her grandmother’s home didn’t come on at the flick of a switch.

“That experience has lived with me for quite some time,” says Dimson, now an MIT graduate student in urban planning with a specialization in international development. “It was the seminal moment when I really started to realize the stark differences between the U.S. and the developing world.”

Dimson is determined to make a difference of her own. With the support of a fellowship she recently received from MIT’s Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship, Dimson will found a real-estate development and energy-infrastructure company in Tanzania after she graduates from MIT next year. Her vision is to provide grid and microgrid-scale renewable energy and affordable housing to regions across sub-Saharan Africa. Continue reading at MIT NEWS. Photo by Allegra Boverman. 

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