The Good Hello

July 22, 2013

the good hello

As of this writing I am in a new position at a different university in a different state. By academic standards my transition has been a whirlwind: I signed a contract a few months ago; my last day at my old office was June 30; my first day on the job here at Texas Tech University was July 1.

But as I wrote in Part 1 of this series on post-hire etiquette, the period between when you accept a job offer and when you start work is not a time for basking and relaxing. On the one hand, you owe the people still paying your salary a smooth exit (the topic of last month’s column). On the other hand—and the subject of this essay—you have obligations to your new colleagues and employer beyond just submitting a moving bill. Continue reading on The Chronicle of Higher Education. Photo by Brian Taylor. 

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