Cohen-Tanugi works to improve water filtration, desalination

July 1, 2013


“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink,” English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote of the anguish felt by sailors on being surrounded by undrinkable water when faced with thirst.

More than 200 years later, environmentalists have adopted Coleridge’s famous line in describing growing water shortages around the globe. David Cohen-Tanugi, a PhD student in materials science and engineering at MIT, sees opportunity in desalination, the removal of salt and other minerals from saline water to make it suitable for consumption and use by humans, including in agriculture.

“I’ve always been committed to the environment,” says Cohen-Tanugi, a native of Paris, “but I had never really thought of it as a career before.” As an undergraduate at Princeton University, Cohen-Tanugi studied physics and East Asian studies. Interestingly, he found water technology to be at the intersection of these two interests. Read more at MIT News.

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