Sugrue explores thermal hydraulics in nuclear reactors

June 15, 2013

Whether soloing on tenor saxophone in a jazz band, souping up a racing coupe, or serving as the lone woman operator at a nuclear power plant, Rosemary Sugrue seizes opportunities to stretch herself and learn. This second-year graduate student, who says she has always “enjoyed problem-solving, critical thinking and mechanical things,” arrived at MIT as a freshman in 2007 restless to explore new domains. All it took was one class in Course 22, and Sugrue leapt, saying, “I declared nuclear; I was sold on it.” This was the start of a long-term commitment to a discipline that offers a wealth of exciting challenges for her. “I am passionate about doing research in this field, helping the broader community understand the continued need for nuclear power, and recruiting other students to work in the field,” she says.

Continue reading about Sugrue in MIT NewsPhoto by Justin Knight

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