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June 12, 2013


Every summer the Consulting Club of MIT offers the possibility for graduate students and postdocs to participate in the Volunteer Consulting Group (VCG) program, to gain experience volunteering with a start-up company on a business/strategy consulting project. This year, CCM proposes 3 VCG host-companies and will start the week of June 24, for 6 weeks total (includes first week of preparation). After a first week of preparation, you will need to commit approximately 10 hours per week for the following 5-week period of time, including two weekly meetings: one with the team and one with the host company. If you would like to participate, please send your short (200 word max.) statement of purpose about why you think this program would benefit you, by Fri June 14 at noon to Please make sure to mention which projects you are the most interested in (ranked by order of preference) and to state your availability during the program. In the mean time you can address eventual questions to the CCM managers responsible for each project.

THIS YEAR’S PROJECTS: more details will be available upon successful application.

1. STROHL MEDICAL: New Product

STROHL MEDICAL is a growing company that has recently invented a seizure-detection portable device which will enable patients greater personal freedom and also improve proper treatment by enabling more accurate documentation of the patient’s actual seizure history. This project will evaluate the market opportunity for the device by addressing key issues such as clinical need, competitive landscape, pricing, marketing strategy. The device has been prototyped and initial data gathered on the prototype. The inventor and the management team will be available to the VCG team as needed.

Project contact: Jeremy Curuksu ( (646) 474-5016)

2. SMTP, Inc. ( Merger & Acquisition

SMTP is an independent service provider exclusively focused on the execution of email delivery for applications in marketing and enterprise web applications requiring bulk email or high volume transactional email delivery. In order to increase their customer base and equity value, the project will identify acquisition candidates by addressing strategic objectives and acquisition costs, performing due diligence and risk analysis, and investigating exit strategies. The CEO (S. Dukach) is an MIT alumnus known for managing one of the notorious MIT Blackjack teams, and is one of Boston’s most active angel investors.

Project contact: Benjamin Lai ( (909) 837-8453)

3. KODIAK SOLID ): Industry Analysis

SOLID venture is a newly created company that will focus on acquisition and development of therapeutic drugs to treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. DMD is a lethal, congenital, X-chromosome-linked disease affecting over 15,000 boys in the United States alone and for which there is no cure yet. This project will evaluate various biotechnology products for the treatment of DMD, analyze worldwide market, disease burden, and forecasting, and investigate and rank the various potential candidate companies for the acquisition.

Project contact: Jingnan Lu ( (315) 383-9156)

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I have no consulting experience, can I still participate?
Yes, of course, your experience (or lack thereof!) doesn’t matter at all, this is a learning experience. You will be coached by a McKinsey consultant (TBC) in how to approach the case and you will be mentored throughout the 6-week project by a team organizer with more experience.

I am not an MIT student, can I apply?
We will give preference to MIT graduate students and postdocs but members of affiliated institutions such as Harvard are welcome to send in their applications, especially if you have been active with the CCM before.

What is the time commitment for these projects?
This is a volunteer assignment, so up to you! But typically around 10 hours per week is sufficient to produce a high quality project that you can be proud of. You will be required to attend a minimum of one brainstorming meetings with your team per week, and one 1-hr meeting with the host company (meeting times to be decided together).

I will be away for some of the period of 6 weeks, starting on Jun 24. Does that matter?
Preferably you will be in Cambridge for the duration of the project, but if you will be away for a couple of days, absolutely still apply. Please indicate the dates you expect to be away.

What is the final deliverable?
In the final company meeting you will present your recommendation on the company’s strategy to the management of the company and the executive committee of the CCM. In addition we will organize a separate presentation meeting with everyone participating in the VCG, including the other team so you can see how they got on as well!

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