New pilot program provides backup childcare for MIT students: Starts July 1

June 17, 2013

Grad Families

Resources for the student families in MIT’s community abound, including organizations such as spouses&partners, the Graduate Student Council Housing and Community Affairs Families Subcommittee, the Work-Life Center and its Work-Life Resources 24/7 program; policies such as childbirth accommodation (paid maternity leave) through the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE); and funding for new initiatives through the ODGE Graduate Student Life Grants.  Nonetheless, finding affordable childcare continues to be an ongoing challenge for all members of the MIT community, and students are no exception.  After spending considerable time and effort finding the most suitable care solution, many students find that gaps in the overall childcare picture still exist.  What if the child is mildly sick, and unable to go to care for the day?  What if the student has an evening commitment with no other coverage? Read more on MIT News.

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