Local fifth graders explore math with MIT grad students

June 14, 2013

Mit math mentors

“We’re going to explore math.” That’s the adventure MITxplore co-founders Leon Dimas, Narges Kaynia and Debbie Nguyen say they are trying to bring to the lives of local fifth graders through a weekly after-school program focused on participatory mathematics. Every week, about 10 students at both the Fletcher Maynard Academy in Cambridge and the Hurley School in Boston meet with three MITxplore mentors to discuss mathematical concepts, engage in fun activities and learn from each other.

MITxplore’s founders saw a need for more math-focused after-school enrichment programs, specifically those which convey the beauty and creativity inherent in the art of mathematics. They noticed that such programs are more prevalent for science, where exciting hands-on projects draw students, and they wanted to show that math is captivating as well. Continue reading on MITNews.

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