The Future of MIT (and education)

May 7, 2013

On Wednesday, February 6th, 2013, President L. Rafael Reif announced the creation of the Institute-Wide Task Force on the Future of MIT Education and requested that its members work to “reinvent the residential campus model and perhaps redefine education altogether.”  Technology has changed very rapidly in the past decade, especially with the advent of the Internet and the omnipresent communication it entails.  However, the institution from which the Internet grew out of has failed to fully adopt the potential of these emerging technologies to change a model of education that has been relatively the same for hundreds of years.  In support of the initiative, MIT launched the website in early April designed to engage the MIT community in a larger conversation about where education is headed.  It also serves as a resource for the Task Force’s three working groups: Education and Facilities for the Future, The Future Global Implications of edX and the Opportunity it Creates, and A New Financial Model for Education.

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