Is the Genome Useful in Medicine? – April 10

April 10, 2013

Part of the IMES Distinguished Speaker Series, the “Is the Genome Useful in Medicine?” event will take place on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 at 5:30pm (with a pre-lecture reception at 5:00pm) at the Broad Institute Auditorium.  The speaker will be Steve Quake, Lee Otterson Professor, Stanford University; Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  Quake says we are living in the genome age, where the productivity of DNA sequencers is advancing faster than Moore’s Law.  He will describe one contribution of biophysics to this field – the development of the first single molecule DNA sequencer, and then will go on to discuss several applications of high throughput DNA sequencing in medicine, ranging from non-invasive diagnostics to the first clinically annotated human genome.

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