From Academe to Market Research

April 11, 2013

So much has happened in the decade since I last wrote for The Chronicle about my nonacademic job search. Then I was finishing up my Ph.D. in the life sciences and considering a career in consulting. Ten years later, I am living overseas in London, I’m married to a Brit, and, most relevant here, I have a career in the pharmaceutical industry. My years as a bench scientist feel like they occurred several lifetimes ago.

Toward the end of graduate school, I began looking for a job in management consulting, since that industry was actively recruiting Ph.D.’s and I knew very little else about other nonacademic career options. What I was really looking for was something on the interface of the scientific and commercial worlds that would tap into the analytical skills and scientific knowledge that I had gained during graduate school. I explored my options in management consulting, in boutique health-care consulting firms, and in the realm of licensing, intellectual property, and patent law. Eventually I found my ideal position as a pharmaceutical market-research analyst.

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